Studio Bourg sur Gironde, 2017


Riet van der Linden is a Dutch artist and writer, based in Bourg sur Gironde (France) and Shenzhen (China).
She was educated as an art historian in The Netherlands at the universities of Leiden and Amsterdam. At the beginning of the 1980’s she became involved in the Dutch women’s art movement (Stichting Vrouwen in de Beeldende Kunst) based in Amsterdam. She organized exhibitions, symposia and workshops on feminist issues, whilst initiating exchanges with woman art organizations abroad. From 1982 she was editor, and from 1991-1995 editor in chief of Ruimte (a Dutch feminist art magazine). She was co-founder and president of the International Organization for Women in the Arts (IAWA) and co-founder and president of the Judith Leyster Foundation (an award for senior women artists). During 1995 Riet lived in Chicago (USA) and became visiting professor at the University of Chicago (Illinois).
New directions were taken in 1999, when she found her second home in Bourg sur Gironde in the southwest of France. In addition to writing about contemporary art she started to write fiction (short stories) and developed as an artist.
Her artistic career accelerated in 2013 when Riet (together with her husband) moved to Shenzhen (China).


-Riet's Solo, Villa Bacchus, Bourg sur Gironde (France)

-Riet van der Linden, Back to Basics, Art Loft, Lee-Bauwens Gallery, Antwerp (Belgium)

-Double Up (group exhibition), Suzanne Biederberg Gallery, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

-CHAO Culture, Riet van der Linden & Zhou Bailli, Levant Gallery, Shanghai (China)

- Beyond the Sea: International Contemporary Art Exhibition, eMoCA, Shenzhen
- 1 + N (solo exhibition), Shenzhen Art Museum, Shenzhen (China)
- Made in China (solo exhibition), La Cave, Blaye (France)
- Aohu In the Near Future (group exhibition), New Who Art Museum, Aohu (China) (catalogue)

- Poetry in the Dust (solo exhibition), Babu Space, Shenzhen (China).
- Riet van der Linden & Barney de Krijger, Wu Gallery, Shenzhen (China).
- Boundless Material. Dutch Contemporary Art Exhibition. Nick Renshaw & Riet van der Linden,
  Kui Yuan Gallery, Guangzhou (China). (Catalogue).
- Riet van der Linden (solo exhibition), Vanjn/Domus, OCT-Loft, Shenzhen (China).
- Riet van der Linden (solo exhibition) Taiyuan (China)
- First Dapeng Art Fair, Fine Arts Institute, Shenzhen (China).

- Tribute To Artists (exhibition with four Chinese artists), Yinger Gallery, Shenzhen (China).
- City Matrix (group exhibition organized by Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture),
  Shenzhen Culture Creative Park, Shenzhen (China). (Catalogue).

- Group exhibition, Abri d’Art, Vanxains (France).

- Paradox, Riet van der Linden & Christophe Sartori, Gallery Le Hil, Bordeaux (France).

- Ateliers Ouverts, Bourg sur Gironde (France).

- Open Ateliers Antwerpen (Belgium).

- Riet van der Linden dans la Chapelle St Nicolas, (solo exhibition), Bourg sur Gironde (France).
- Ateliers Ouverts, Bourg sur Gironde (France).

- Silhouettes, Riet van der Linden and Sara Benhamou,  Suzanne Biederberg Gallery Amsterdam
  (The Netherlands).
- Het universele primitivisme van Riet van der Linden (solo exhibition), Gallery Chantals Den Haag
  (The Netherlands).
- The Artist Project (independent artist exhibition), Chicago (USA). 

- The Riet-show, Jane Wengers Private Gallery, Chicago (USA).

- Local Flavours/ Local Behaviors, Suzanne Biederberg Gallery, Amsterdam (The Netherlands). 
- Portable Sculptures at ‘Le defilé de mode’ by Carine Abbou, Bordeaux (France).


- On line interview/exhibition. European Commission, Brussels (Belgium) 2021
- Haute Gironde, 9 juillet 2010 ‘Van der Linden ou la vision brute’.
- Wouter Welling, ‘Het universele ‘primitivisme’ van Riet van der Linden’, 2008
- Tire Dervan-Nelden, ‘Meaning is a Verb, Not a Noun’. Interview with Riet van der Linden on the
  occasion of her Portable Sculptures at ‘le défilé de mode de Carine Abbou’, Bordeaux, June 2006.
- Valérie Déchaut-Geneste, ‘Revue de details’,  Sud Ouest, 23 juillet (2006).
- Sya van ’t Vlie, ‘Modieuze objecten met een locaal verhaal’, Beelden, 3 (2006), 21
- Brechje Lampe, Review of Amsterdam Fashion Week (‘De mode gaat de hele stad door’),
  Het Parool
July 25 (2006).

Works in the following collections

You Jiang, Shenzhen
Wendi Xie, Shenzhen
Peng Jie, Shenzhen
Hongwei Song, Shenzhen
Amber Liu, Shenzhen
Xiang Bing Wu, Shenzhen
Ebi Tang
Franc M. Weerwind
Ruud van Glabbeek, Amsterdam
Jie & Jamie Wallace, Shenzhen
Anna Loch, Shenzhen
Kelvin Yuan, Guangzhou
Mimi Liu, Shenzhen
Elaine Xu, Shenzhen
Sylvie Raymakers, Bourg sur Gironde
Christophe Sartori, Bourg sur Gironde
Phillippe Melis, Brussels
Simon de Lobel, Antwerpen
Nathalie Legillon & Liam Gavin, Bourg sur Gironde
Mathieu Perez, Bourg sur Gironde
Maarten Savelkoel, The Hague Erik Fens, Amsterdam
Robert E. Parker, Santa Fe (New Mexico)
Arend Hilhorst, Den Haag
Marijke Jansen, Almere
Ottenhof Collection, Den Haag
Toscani & Cornel, Oude Sluis
Isik Tüzüner, Amsterdam
Jane Wenger, Chicago

Academic Background

B.A. Art History, Leyden University, 1978
Master’s degree Art History, Amsterdam University, 1982
(Subsidiary subjects: Modern History, Social Philosophy and Women Studies)
Full teaching qualifications in Art History
Degree in Art Management, Counseling and Policy

(a selection)

Karen Hackenberg.The Aesthetics Of Pollution, Dakota Art Editions, 2018 

Regular Contributions
1982-2005 Ruimte voor Vrouwen in de Beeldende Kunst, Dutch quarterly art magazine

1986-2007  Monthly contributions to Opzij. Feministisch Maandblad, Weekbladpers, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2001-  Critic of Beelden. Driemaandelijks bulletin over beeldhouwkunst.

Other publications
-I Love Paper Because it Sucks. Ellie Vossen 1948-1998, City Thoughts, Amsterdam 2005.

-‘De opmars van vrouwen in de kunstwereld. Feit of fictie?’; in: Elck zijn waarom. Vrouwelijke kunstenaars in België en Nederland 1500-1950, Antwerpen (Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten), Arnhem (Museum voor Hedendaagse Kunst), Ludion, Gent/Amsterdam 2000, 115-124.

-‘Marina Abramovic. Een exemplair leven’; in: An Unexpected Journey. Vrouw en kunst, Gynaica, Antwerpen 2000, 14-21.

-‘Vrouwenbeweging en beeldende kunst, in: W. Stokvis en K. Zijlmans (ed.), Vrij Spel. Nederlandse kunst 1970-1990, Meulenhoff, Amsterdam 1993, 239-260.

-Theresia van der Pant. Beeldhouwster, SDU, Amsterdam 1989 (monograph).